The To Do List

I make so many to-do lists.  They usually go something like this:  1. Vacuum 2. Clean bathroom 3. Reorganize cleaning supplies under sink since I can’t find anything 4. Call (insert mundane but necessary phone call here.)  You get it?  It should be called a No Fun List.

So inspired by Mighty Girl , I am making a new To-Do list, and I will keep adding to it as I’m inspired.  Some of these I hope to accomplish in 2013, and some are on my life list, but just writing them down makes me feel like I will do them.

Get a massage |Learn to make 3 dinners that I know are spectacular/go-to dinners | Go camping with Sylvie | Get the blog redesigned | Take better pictures- complete the Mamas with Cameras Manual class | Throw a party for no reason at our farm | Have a slumber party with my girlfriends | Go to NYC |  Attend the Mermaid Parade |  Knit a scarf | Make a tee-pee | Complete Reiki 3 | Go to Italy!! | Eat at the Corson Building again (the scene of my wedding) | Try 3 new foods this year (2013)  (2014)  (2015) | Get our will in order | Take our family portrait | Take the whole family (5 of us) to Kansas | Crochet or knit a hat | Do something nice for someone anonymously | Truly forgive that one person I don’t really want to forgive | Make at least 5 recipes in every cookbook I own (I own a lot!) | Get a dog (Guido, we will) | Keep the inside of my car as clean each day as when my parents visit | Go back to Harmony Hill | Go to each continent:  1. Africa 2. Antarctica 3. Asia 4. Australia 5. Europe 6. North America 7.South America | Go to Yellowstone | Have a Fig tree that actually grows figs | Collect stories of my parents’ childhoods on film | Make a Waldorf doll for Sylvie | Visit NYC with Tali | Go to all 50 states | Take fish oil regularly (not just buy it and intend to take it) | Run in a Color Run and Dirty Dash | Try Zumba |  Make at least 10 crafts from my Pinterest boards in 2013 (109 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1) |  Take a weekend away with my husband | Go to Tallum | Touch the Ganges River |  Make Tiramisu | Go to Machu Picchu | Needlefelt an animal for Sylvie | Eat a meal from another country each week via Global Table Adventure |  See Rumi’s tomb in Turkey |  Be in Germany for Christmas | Make homemade marshmallows | Attend high tea with Sylvie | Participate in shearing a sheep | Take this wine tasting class in Paris | Make my own mozzarella |  Make a quilt | Go to cities that interest me that I’ve never explored:  Asheville NC, Nashville, Washington DC, Sedona, Chicago | Make creme brulee | Grow my own pumpkin for our Halloween jack-o-lantern | See the Northern Lights |

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One Response to The To Do List

  1. Jen says:

    I am impressed – I can hardely think of one thing usually – but you inspired me : 1) Make a list of things I should do :) Ok really though, the Color Run is one that I have always wanted to do, and to add to that a Tough Mudder!

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