Pinspiration- Felt Crowns

I’m just like everyone else in that I have Pinterest boards full of things I want to make. “Someday,” I tell myself.  Then I find myself pinning more things instead of making any of them.  There are a few exceptions, and as an early New Year’s resolution, I plan to make “pin it and actually make it” a regular feature on the blog.

This past year I was really inspired by all of the felt crowns I was seeing on Pinterest.  While you can buy some truly beautiful ones on Etsy, they are really very easy to make.  You don’t even need a sewing machine as you can hand sew them.

Here are some of my inspirations:

From top:
Autumn crown of flowers and rocket ship crown- maureencracknell on Etsy
Bright flower crown- mmmcrafts

And here are the crowns I’ve made:

Felt Crowns- A Little Pluck

The May Day Crown was a play on the bright flower crown above.  Next time I will use larger flowers, but I was concerned with Sylvie not tolerating the crown and wanted to make it less noticeable to her.  I used a ribbon in the back to tie it on.

May Day Crown- A Little Pluck

I wanted Sylvie’s first birthday crown to specify that she was turning one.  This crown was hand-sewn using a combination of embroidery and regular thread.  I embroidered patterns, Sylvie’s name, and the number one on the crown.  Learning to embroider was my 2010 resolution, and I learned from this book by Jenny Hart.  I didn’t make the crown with an elastic back since I only wanted it to fit her on this day.  I will make future crowns adjustable so that she can play with them for a while.

Birthday Crown- A Little Pluck

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One Response to Pinspiration- Felt Crowns

  1. Abby says:

    I love these crowns. I was trying to think of something to make for Lana for her birthday that she would like to wear and this seems perfect and easy to make.

    Nice work on the embroidery too.

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